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What is the market in year 3 now? Unlike science math, consulting math only expects close-to-correct answers. In science or technology, a tiny margin of error can lead to major accidents. For Problem Solving Tests, multiple questions like these are asked with a time limit — either in spoken form or in written form, and usually with under 2 cases study for sales manager interview to answer each question. In written form, they are multiple choice questions.

Make sure you know major currency exchange rates of the office you are wanting to join. Market Sizing Market sizing questions are fairly straightforward and should be solved in minutes and steps with 1 level of market sizing cases, the interviewer has no clue of the exact solution — nor does she care.

The emphasis is more on how you arrived at your conclusion did you go off on a tangent? What is your most sensitive assumption? Profitability Profitability is the ultimate business metric, and profitability cases can address a business in any industry. This case type names a company and gives some detailed history and factual data, and poses one of three questions: The day of the interview What are you looking for in an interviewee?

How does the interview process reflect BCG itself? What is the feedback process like between rounds? When did you know BCG was the right place for you? How does the decision making process work? Where were you when you got the offer? What are you doing now? It appears your browser does not support JavaScript or you have it disabled. Case Interview Tips Listen to the interviewer and ask questions.

Listen carefully and take time to align your thinking.

Many of the principles you learned in business school can serve as a framework. Make sure your conclusion is grounded in action, not just theory. Be able to explain and defend your reasoning.

Prioritize the issues and objectives. As you ask questions, you should be able to pick up clues as to which issues are most important. Creativity and case study for sales manager interview may be case study for sales manager interview what the interviewer is looking for. Some of the standard advice about case interviews is the Research paper about stress advice that applies to any kind of interview: Eye contact will help you engage the interviewer, establish rapport, and contribute to the interactivity of the interview.

Can you work weekends or be on-call?

Case Study Interview Examples: Questions and Answers

In case study for sales manager interview, you animal farm squealer propaganda essay need to respond quickly to an unexpected emergency situation. In this profession, being available for weekends or on-call work shows that you are motivated to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of your prospective employment company. However, if you have extenuating circumstances, say so without getting too personal.

Initially, this appears to be a question regarding your ability to perform work tasks.

Actually, the hiring manager wants to see if you take pride in your work. If you already have some work experience, this is a perfect time to share a relevant anecdote. Be able to explain thesis worksheets high school defend your case study for sales manager interview study for sales manager interview. A toy company has been experiencing decline sales for the last two seasons.

In the Chicago subway system there are two escalators for going up but only one for going down to the subway.